Terms and conditions

1. Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure: The partner’s name shall be kept confidential and protected. Any direct contact with the client without the consent of Winner CarGo Log doo is strictly prohibited.

2. Price Agreement: The agreed price for transportation services is fixed and cannot be changed without the mutual consent of both parties.

3. Additional Costs: If there are any additional costs associated with the agreed price stated on the transport order, such as veterinary, phytosanitary, and/or sanitary inspections, they will be specified separately on the transport order along with the transport price. Additional costs will only be recognized with the original invoice or payment receipt.

4. Insurance Requirement: The engaged vehicle must have valid CMR insurance that covers the value of the transported goods, as indicated in the transport documentation.

5. Vehicle Condition: The engaged vehicle (loading space) must be clean, dry, without damage to the tarpaulin, and free from foreign odours and sharp objects that could potentially damage the goods. During the loading process, appropriate accompanying equipment must be provided.

6. Carrier’s Responsibilities: By accepting the order, the Carrier acknowledges that they have received all necessary information for the successful execution of the agreed service. The Carrier is responsible for adhering to the agreed loading and unloading terms stated in the order. In the event of unjustified deviation from the agreed terms, the Carrier is obligated to compensate Winner CarGo Log doo for any resulting damages. The Carrier must promptly inform Winner CarGo Log doo of any circumstances that may affect the proper execution of the transport service (e.g., weather conditions, unforeseen delays and waiting times, traffic accidents, vehicle malfunctions, unforeseen delays at certain recipients, etc.). Transshipments are strictly prohibited unless otherwise indicated. The driver must be present during loading and unloading and report any deviations from the order. The Carrier is also required to verify, during the loading and packaging of goods, whether there are any discrepancies between the actual condition and the condition stated in the dispatch note/CMR. If any deficiencies are found during unloading (shortage, damage), the recipient of the order must compensate the sender for the damages in full. The Carrier is responsible for unloading the goods at the recipient’s location and, together with the recipient, ensuring proper delivery based on the shipping documents. If any irregularities are discovered (damage, shortage, excess, etc.), the Carrier must inform Winner CarGo Log doo and, upon receiving instructions, prepare a report on the identified irregularities, which should be co-signed with the recipient of the goods. The recipient of the order is responsible for axle overload and proper cargo distribution on the vehicle.

7. Completion of Transportation Service: The agreed transportation service is considered completed upon the delivery of the original, sealed, and signed CMR. In the case of goods transported under temperature control, a temperature printout must be provided.

8. Customs Clearance: Loading and export customs clearance should be completed within 24 hours, while unloading and import customs clearance should be completed within 48 hours, without any additional compensation. This includes Saturdays after 16:00 and Sundays.

9. Order Cancellation: If the carrier cancels the order on the day of goods loading or the day before the goods loading, they are obligated to compensate the shipper for the difference between all transportation execution costs with another vehicle.

10. Engaging Another Carrier: The recipient of the order is not allowed to engage another carrier without the consent of Winner CarGo Log doo.

11. Legal Validity of Order: An order from Winner CarGo Log doo is valid without a seal and signature, produces legal effects, and does not require additional authorization.